Maximize the value of your Sapphire purchase with the Sapphire Upgrade and Support Plan

Designed to make upgrading and budgeting for Sapphire more convenient, the Upgrade and Support Plan is an annual program that ensures you have access to the latest available features, increased licensing flexibility, and the support you need. Now, when you buy a new Sapphire license or upgrade to version 9, you will become a member of the Upgrade and Support Plan and enjoy the benefits detailed below.


For a yearly cost less than our former upgrade price, you will have access to:

  • Automatic upgrades - Never miss a Sapphire release! Active Upgrade and Support customers are automatically entitled to all upgrades released during their yearly contract.

  • Cross-host licensing - Now you don't have to purchase additional licenses for each host platform you work with. The Upgrade and Support Plan provides you with cross-host licenses that can be used across multiple host applications.

  • Discounts on floating licenses - Floating licenses are pooled licenses that can be shared across a group of users. Floating licenses are now available for a flat discounted fee of $500.

  • Unlimited burn and render licenses - Formerly, $99-$499 per license, render licenses are free under the Upgrade and Support Plan.


All licenses acquired during your Upgrade and Support contract (including upgrades, floating, and render licenses) are permanent and will continue to be functional even if your contract expires.

Upgrade and Support customers have unlimited access to phone and email support during business hours.



The yearly fixed cost allows for clearer planning and budgeting.

Payment - Yearly payments must be paid in full upon the start of the contract. Customer will receive permanent licenses upon full payment.

Get Current Fee - Existing Sapphire customers on version 7.5 or lower must pay an additional fee to catch up to the latest version of Sapphire.

Reactivation Fee - There is no penalty for canceling Upgrade and Support, however, failing to renew your yearly contract will result in a prorated fee that would be applied upon rejoining.
Automatic Renewal - Upgrade and Support contracts are set to automatically renew each year. 
You can opt out here.
Terms and Conditions - Upgrade and Support Terms and Conditions can be found 

Support for customers with an active Upgrade and Support contract:
  • Unlimited email support -- Effort to respond within an hour, M-F from 9am to 6pm EST, excluding holidays
  • Unlimited telephone support -- M-F from 9am to 6pm EST, excluding holidays
  • Limited license assistance for legacy products through email only. Best effort -- Effort to respond within 2 hours, M-F from 9am to 6pm EST, excluding holidays 
  • Complimentary access to feature upgrades and maintenance updates